Dental X-rays are an extremely important part of your visit with our dentist. Dental X-rays are used to get a detailed view of your teeth and the surrounding structures in your mouth and can help our team locate issues such as tooth decay, infections, tumors, cysts and abscesses, tooth root problems, damage to fillings, and developmental problems. They are also useful when for placing dental implants and planning other types of treatments such as orthodontics.

When many people think of dental X-rays, they think of uncomfortable bite-wings or holding a piece of film to the roof of their mouths. But at our office, our team uses digital X-rays. There are several benefits to digital X-rays. They are more comfortable for the patient than the old bite-wing X-rays. They require less radiation than traditional X-rays, which make them safer for the patient. Since they do not need to be developed, no chemicals are involved in their use. Our dentists can view them instantly, and they can be stored to make it easier for our team to track the development of your smile over time. To see how useful and safe digital X-rays in Topeka, Kansas, are, call our office today at 785-271-7477 and we will help you plan your visit with Dr. Holden Correll.