With dental cleanings and exams, our dentist can help you improve your oral health and maintain a bright, healthy smile for a lifetime. Call Holden L. Correll, DDS Family Dentistry today at 785-271-7477, and a team member will help you arrange your next visit at a time that conveniently fits your schedule.

It is highly recommended by Dr. Holden Correll and our team that you visit for a cleaning and exam at least once every six months. This routine visit allows us to provide services that are vital to the wellbeing of your oral cavity, such as:

  • Cleaning any plaque and tartar off your teeth. This is also known as dental calculus and can lead to dental decay, periodontal disease and even tooth loss.
  • Flossing in between your dentition and polishing the surfaces of your teeth. This gives you a healthy, bright and impeccably clean smile.
  • Examining your dental structures for signs of potentially damaging conditions or diseases. This helps prevent the onset of more serious dental health issues because we can start treatment right away if needed.

Along with a visual inspection, we can also use digital X-rays to fully examine the condition of your oral health. Contact our office today to learn more about dental cleanings and exams in Topeka, Kansas. We look forward to hearing from you!